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All About Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is 100% VOC free, virtually odorless, and a completely green product. Milk Paint is an ancient paint developed 1000’s of years ago – in fact, they have even found ancient cave paintings that are in milk paint! It is made with all natural ingredients consisting of limestone and casein, which is the milk paint protein. Milk paint is well known to be very durable.

When painted over a porous surface, it’s virtually impossible to remove. Milk paint is known for its depth and dimension and somewhat “mottled” appearance. It has a ton of character even when it’s not distressed. Milk Paint can naturally chip/ flake off/ crackle when applied over some existing finishes. This can result in an authentic look reminiscent of a chippy/ aged/ time worn piece of furniture.

Made in the USA.

Tips on how to use Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

  • Sweet Pickins Milk Paint comes in powder form that you mix with warm water. Because it comes in dry form, you can make the paint as thick or thin as you would like for your project. This means it can be a paint or used as a stain. You can use a blender or electric mixer for even easier mixing, although not necessary.
  • Milk Paint colors can be mixed together to achieve your own custom color blends. Remember to keep recipes to recreate the color if needed!
  • Milk Paint can be top coated with any available product on the market, although the most popular today is wax.
    Many variations in color and texture naturally occur on milk painted pieces. These unique variations add depth and dimension to each product.
  • Add Extra-Bond when painting over a nonporous or previously finished/ painted piece. The Extra Bond will add better adhesion and give you more control over chipping.
  • You can use the same techniques for distressing/ glazing milk paint as you would any other paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the paint!

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