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Fusion Mineral Paint, Industrial Grade Resin Makes an Exceptional Waterproof Finish

Fusion Mineral Paint Industrial Grade Resin Waterproof

Fusion Mineral Paint is non-toxic, lead free, virtually odorless and has no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and contains no ammonia or formaldehyde. Many paints say they are acrylic but they contain added ingredients that compromise the finish. Fusion is 100% acrylic, water based with NO added latex or vinyl. All of this with an industrial grade resin means a waterproof finish that you will not get with other paints. Period! This means a long lasting, durable finish, even outdoors! Fusion is manufactured with the highest quality finely ground, natural mineral pigment and that means you will not get a better depth of color or coverage. You can expect an astounding 75 sq ft of coverage per pint (500ml). This gives a matte, creamy, opaque and perfectly smooth finish!

Fusion is made in Canada.

How to use Fusion Mineral Paint

  • One coat is all you will need for most surfaces, however, 2 thinner coats is better for a super fine and smooth finish. Because Fusion uses real Mineral pigments, it is also naturally UV resistant and your color will not fade over time!
  • Best of all, Fusion Mineral Paint is self-leveling, which means it minimizes brush strokes for a smooth, professional-looking finish.
  • No top coat is required. Fusion is an all in one formulation that has changed the DIY world making it easier to get a professional look with less time, money, and effort. In some cases you may choose to use our Tough Coat for a little extra protection on very high traffic areas, but most of the time just paint and done.
  • You don’t need to strip it down to raw wood either! Minimal prep means a clean surface and possibly a light sanding by hand is all the prep that is usually needed. For super slick manufactured surfaces like melamine or laminate, it is recommend to use Ultra Grip, which makes painting the impossible possible. You can paint fabric, metal, glass and plastic too.
  • Zero VOC’s also means virtually odorless! This makes indoor painting enjoyable and safe for everyone. No need to worry about opening windows and ventilation, even in the winter when you paint indoors. Nursery projects, kids crafts, or whatever your project is, it can be done with no worry about strong and harmful odors.
  • You can also use one of the many waxes or glazes Fusion offers in a variety of colors for a different sort of finish, although it is not necessary.

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All About Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is 100% VOC free, virtually odorless, and a completely green product. Milk Paint is an ancient paint developed 1000’s of years ago – in fact, they have even found ancient cave paintings that are in milk paint! It is made with all natural ingredients consisting of limestone and casein, which is the milk paint protein. Milk paint is well known to be very durable.

When painted over a porous surface, it’s virtually impossible to remove. Milk paint is known for its depth and dimension and somewhat “mottled” appearance. It has a ton of character even when it’s not distressed. Milk Paint can naturally chip/ flake off/ crackle when applied over some existing finishes. This can result in an authentic look reminiscent of a chippy/ aged/ time worn piece of furniture.

Made in the USA.

Tips on how to use Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

  • Sweet Pickins Milk Paint comes in powder form that you mix with warm water. Because it comes in dry form, you can make the paint as thick or thin as you would like for your project. This means it can be a paint or used as a stain. You can use a blender or electric mixer for even easier mixing, although not necessary.
  • Milk Paint colors can be mixed together to achieve your own custom color blends. Remember to keep recipes to recreate the color if needed!
  • Milk Paint can be top coated with any available product on the market, although the most popular today is wax.
    Many variations in color and texture naturally occur on milk painted pieces. These unique variations add depth and dimension to each product.
  • Add Extra-Bond when painting over a nonporous or previously finished/ painted piece. The Extra Bond will add better adhesion and give you more control over chipping.
  • You can use the same techniques for distressing/ glazing milk paint as you would any other paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the paint!

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DIY Paint, High Quality Pigments and No VOC’s

DIY Paint No Vocs

DIY Paint is a velvety soft, lusciously creamy clay and chalk based paint. It creates luxurious color dimension you have to see to believe. It is eco-friendly containing only (9) nine total ingredients. DIY Paint uses only the highest quality, no VOC pigments in the industry.

Not only can you paint indoors without worrying about fumes, but for those people who have allergies or are sensitive to toxins, there are no VOCs and the paint is all natural. After just a simple application, pieces are transformed from trash to treasures! Made in the USA.

DIY Paint Tips

  • No sanding or priming necessary! It adheres to nearly any surface including metal, plastic, laminate, and glass. If you have ever labored over sanding and then primed a piece before you even begin the fun part, you can appreciate how much time and backache this feature saves you. Just use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess dirt or debris.
  • Wet distressing is one of the most awesome things about DIY Paint! Because there is no latex or acrylic in our paint you can rub the paint back with a wet cloth or a wet sanding block. Some folks even use a baby wipe. Rubbing the paint back, rather than using sandpaper, gives you a more organic and authentic look, similar to when paint rubs off over time. It’s also dust free!
  • DIY Paint can be reactivated with water prior to sealing to create different blended or drippy effects. For more inspiration on how to use DIY Paint, visit
  • To protect your project, DIY Paint can be finished with any top coat on the market. DIY Paint offers various colors of wax, liquid patina, and varnish which all work great for sealing your finished project.

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